Improving Biodiversity

A riverbank with low hanging branches.

In 1993, we began planning for the construction of our new corporate headquarters at Harmondsworth Moor to the North West of Heathrow airport. As part of the planning agreement for the site, we were asked to restore and landscape the area that had previously been used as landfill, and thus deliver the Moor back to its natural state and also enable it to be opened to the public.

David Bellamy, the botanist, officially opened the 240 acre park to the public in June 2000. A further 10 acres were added in 2011 to bring the total site area to 250 acres.  The area includes several miles of high-grade riverbanks, lakes, ponds, grassland and young woodland. The park is open seven days a week and is now home to a wealth of wildlife and several rare natural species have been spotted including insects like the stag beetle, river and marshland plants, skylarks and harvest mice.

With the help of a team of Glendale Countryside Park Rangers, we’re committed to the continuing protection of the plant and wildlife at Harmondsworth Moor.

“Biodiversity is the wealth of wildlife in the world around us, from wildflowers and insects to mammals and birds” – The Wildlife Trusts.

Our commitment to the management of biodiversity at British Airways Waterside headquarters is demonstrated by its inclusion in British Airways Standing Instruction 5, “Environmental Policy”.

This means we will:

• Comply with all legal requirements relevant to biodiversity and the management of biodiversity.
• Identify, conserve and enhance biodiversity at Harmondsworth Moor.
• Work with partners to establish principles for the use and management of Harmondsworth Moor.

Biodiversity benchmark

Forest Footprint Disclosure logoIn June 2007, we became the first airline and fourth company in the UK, to receive the Wildlife Trusts’ new Biodiversity Benchmark for the strength of our land management of Harmondsworth Moor.  Following annual audits by the Wildlife Trusts we have maintained the award each year including 2011.

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Green Flag Award

Green Flag Award LogoHarmondsworth Moor has also earned the Green Flag Award, which recognises efforts for setting  national standards for parks and open spaces in England and Wales.

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