Mitigating our environmental impact

At British Airways we are committed to addressing our environmental responsibilities. While the air transport services we provide are vital to the social and economic welfare of the UK and the countries we serve, they also have an impact on the environment. By doing all we can to minimise these impacts, we aim to set the standard in responsible aviation.

We have an extensive programme covering not only our carbon footprint but also the important areas of noise, air quality and waste management.


Climate Change

We have a number of initiatives aimed at reducing our impact on climate change from the development of biofuels to our One Destination Carbon Fund.

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British Airways

Noise and air quality

We recognise that at the airports we operate to we have a very immediate impact on their local communities. Our aim is to minimise this impact as much as possible.

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A plastic cup is placed in one of three recycling bins.

Waste and recycling

In a world of finite resources it is extremely important that these are managed as responsibly as possible. From reducing the amount of materials we use, to recycling, re-using and finally disposing in a sustainable way, British Airways is determined to act responsibly.

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