Inclusive Workplace

We strive to promote a working environment that motivates, supports and develops our colleagues. Our diversity and inclusion team have developed a strategy for our company that engages all our people with the aim of recognising talent and promoting flexible thinking. This strategy is supported and integrated into all departments through our senior level sponsors and champions. In turn, this helps us identify and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We provide advice, guidance, information and support for managers and colleagues on discrimination law and run diversity and inclusion training on the application of the law into the workplace.  We also focus on behavioural training linked to our brand values.

An experienced engineer working in the workshop.

Decades of Experience

At British Airways we are extremely proud of the vast amount of experience held by our colleagues. We aim to make sure that expertise is passed down the generations to newer members of our organisation.

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British Airways Pilot Holl Tucker.


We recognise the skills that women and men can bring to a broad range of roles within British Airways, and we provide the best environment for them to learn and progress in their careers.

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