Global Marketplace

Each one of our customers expects and deserves to be provided with a service that meets their individual needs. We are constantly trying to broaden our understanding of those needs so that we can in-turn improve our customers’ experience when they travel with us.


A wheelchair athlete poised to race.


One area we are focusing on is the journey process for our customers with disabilities. Working with customers and colleagues with disabilities, we are able to gain insights into what really matters to them, targeting improvements that will make the entire journey process more seamless and consistent.

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Cultural Insight

We also benefit from a number of groups and networks within British Airways that help bring people together and provide a source of knowledge and understanding about the needs of those groups in a wider environment.

Members of BANGLES at London Pride.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community

British Airways supports the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, both within our organisation and amongst our customers. By recognising and embracing the differences in our customers and colleagues we help to promote an inclusive environment that treats everyone according to their individual needs.

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British Airways crew members walk towards camera.

Faith groups

By recognising and embracing the differences in our colleagues and customers, whether that be their sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity or specific disability needs, we aim to create an inclusive environment that makes every customer feel valued. By seeking to understand our customers more we are able to deliver the personal touch that makes a difference to their experience with the airline.

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Four British Airways crew members

Ethnically Diverse Network

British Airways’ Ethnically Diverse Network (EDEN) was set up in June 2010. Since then its membership levels have increased to over 200, reflecting the many different ethnicities represented amongst colleagues and customers.

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