Diversity and Inclusion


We work closely with our customers with disabilities to review our service and target improvements to make their journey more seamless and consistent. Delivering this for our customers with disabilities will mean a better service for all.

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Listen to some stories from our frequent flyers on their travel experience with us.

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As a global airline carrying customers of different nationalities, cultures, religions and sexual orientation, British Airways is committed to actively promoting diversity and understanding. We offer advice, guidance, information and support for managers and colleagues relating to the latest discrimination laws, and we have compliance and behavioural training on diversity and inclusion.

Above all we believe that a culture of diversity and inclusion reflects our core brand values; British Style; Thoughtful Service; and Flying Know How.

Janine Roberts, Ramp Services Airport Manager, talks to a male colleague.

Inclusive Workplace

We strive to promote a working environment that motivates, engages, supports and develops our colleagues. Our diversity and inclusion team have developed a strategy for our company that engages all our people with the aim of recognising talent and promoting flexible thinking. This strategy is supported and integrated into all departments through our senior level sponsors and champions. In turn, this helps us identify and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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British Airways crew members walk towards camera.

Global Marketplace

By recognising and embracing the differences in our colleagues and customers, whether that be their sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity or specific disability needs, we aim to create an inclusive environment that makes every customer feel valued. By seeking to understand our customers more we are able to deliver the personal touch that makes a difference to their experience with the airline.

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