BA Community and Conservation Programme

We have 30 community and conservation partners that are all UK registered charities who operate across the communities that we fly to. These partner organisations have expertise in their field and this enables us to showcase how BA is investing in the communities that if flies to and serves.

They sit outside of our corporate partnership with Comic Relief which specifically focuses on supporting vulnerable young people in the UK, Africa and the USA. We provide flight bursaries, excess baggage and cargo to these selected partner organisations who work alongside us.

In return the partners provide us with access to the projects and provide us with opportunities for colleagues volunteering, apprentice and graduate development under the guidance of the partner organisations and the community investment team. The partners under the BACC programme provide us with the opportunity for involvement in wider issues affecting our overseas communities such as wildlife conservation and the building of sustainable communities through tourism and economic regeneration.

BACC Charities Map

The search is on to find new charity partners we reopen our community and conversation bursary scheme for next year. Interested charities should fill out and return the application form available on the following link: BACC Partners Application Form

Current projects include:

  • Surfers not Street Children: based in South Africa, uses surfing to help get kids off the street and teach them valuable skills, which help give them a chance in life. See more at
  • The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: focuses on conservation, education of local communities and sustainable tourism
  • Haller Foundation: development of rural farmer communities, economic development through farmer training and education
  • The One Foundation: experts in water conservation
  • Umthombo: focus on the education and the rehabilitation of street children giving them education and access to employment.
  • Dreamflight; providing the holiday of a lifetime for sick and disabled children from across the UK.

Find out more about some of the programmes we are involved in

Dreamflight children disembark from a British Airways plane in Orlando.


Changing the lives of young people by taking seriously ill and disabled children on a life-changing holiday to Orlando.

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A young boy stands on railway tracks in India.

Railway Children

Supporting children living alone and at risk on the streets, many of whom live on railway platforms.

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A group of school children look on as a member of staff at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust feeds a young elephant.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Rescuing and hand-rearing orphaned animals so that they can return to the wild when grown, with a particular focus on elephants and rhinos.

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Excess baggage for UK registered charities; To request a baggage waiver send an email to the Community Investment Team on charity headed paper, giving at least two weeks notice. The waiver is added for the outbound flight only. We are able to offer 1 complimentary bag of 23kgs per person or no more than 10 complimentary bags on group bookings.