Gender equality

At British Airways, our aim is to maximise talent amongst all our colleagues and widen the talent pool to meet future leadership needs. We recognise the skills that women and men can bring to a broad range of roles within our organisation, and we provide the best environment for them to learn and progress in their careers.

Women in Senior Executive positions

We are committed to gender balanced leadership and want to ensure that we attract and retain the best people for our business. 26 per cent of all our senior managers are women and 20 per cent of the direct reports to the CEO are women. We currently have 2 female BA board members and our wellbeing and inclusion strategy is considering ways to improve the number of women at both, board and executive level in the future, to ensure that we generate innovative and creative thinking for our business.

Female colleagues at British Airways

Two female colleagues tell us their own stories:

Caroline Brooman is a graduate who spent a year working as a Ramp Manager at London Heathrow Terminal 5

‘Flying has always fascinated me and the breadth of opportunity for development at British Airways has made it the perfect company in which to launch my career.

Working in Ramp, I was responsible for leading and motivating a loading team of 200 people to deliver outstanding baggage performance at Heathrow Terminal 5. It’s a traditionally male-dominated area, but I found my honest and sympathetic approach achieved positive results. Gender holds some influence as people said that they disclosed more to me as a female manager – and I noticed the group dynamics changed when I was with them. From my experience, being willing to get involved, using humour and encouraging discussion helped build good relationships with the majority of my team. In terms of career success, I believe that knowing exactly what you want to do is not fundamental, but understanding what motivates you is. Gaining work experience to bolster your CV and to be able to share at interviews is useful. And lastly, perseverance – it will pay off!’

Lynne Embleton, Director of Strategy and Business Units

‘I did a degree in maths, but didn’t fancy being an accountant so I did an MSc in operational research. I then joined the Operational Research Department here at British Airways, intending to stay for just a year or two but I am still here! I then went on to roles in Marketing, IT, Strategy and Planning. I am currently director of strategy and business units, with responsibility for business planning, strategy, alliances and franchises, environment, fleet and infrastructure planning, network development and corporate programme management. I also have responsibility for, and chair the boards of, British Airways’ subsidiary airlines Cityflyer and Open Skies. My career has been more by accident than design! British Airways is a great place for anyone to work. We have operations all over the world, strong focus on customer service and plenty of operational complexities to manage. In this industry there is never a dull moment. More importantly, British Airways is full of great people and that plays a big part in me enjoying coming to work. With two young children, achieving a work/life balance can sometimes be a challenge, but British Airways is a very flexible employer, and as with any busy job, it is important to remind yourself to protect quality time to spend with your family. It’s also important to be yourself, and focus on what you enjoy and what you are good at.’