Accessibility and Site Help

Supported Browsers

How to increase text size

Using the mouse

Using your keyboard

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above (not on the Mac)
IE6 should work on the site, but there may be some issues with the layout
View > Text Size. You can also use Tools > Internet options > Accessibility Control key and + or – to increase or decrease text size
Safari 4 and above (on the Mac, limited support on the iPad) Safari > Preferences > Advanced then select minimum font size to display Command key and  + or – to increase or decrease text size
Firefox 3.6 and above (on the PC, limited support on the Mac) View > Text Size > Increase Font Control key and + or – to increase or decrease text size
Google Chrome v 11 and above Customize and control Google Chrome > Zoom Control key and + or – to increase or decrease text size

If you are using a test or ‘BETA’ version of a browser and experience problems, report these to the company supporting the browser so they can incorporate changes into future or live versions of the browser.

How to listen to

Some operating systems also have built-in accessibility features that can read text aloud, or magnify parts of the screen. If you have your own screen reading software you should find it works well on We suggest if your software has a ‘forms mode’, that you do not turn it on.

Screen resolutions

Our site is designed for optimal use at resolutions between 1024×768 to 1280×1024.

Speed of the website

We recognise that a fast website is important to you and we work hard to make the site as fast as possible, but there are factors which impact the response speed which are outside our control. They include your connection speed, the performance of your Internet Service Provider, and the amount of traffic on the Internet at the time.

Plug-ins and helpers

Plug-ins and helpers are not required for key functions on our site, but we do assume you have:

  • Adobe Reader for .pdf files

If a plug-in or helper application is required to access content, this will normally be highlighted. Plug-ins can be downloaded using the links below. But if you use the links British Airways cannot be held responsible for any associated problems with the plug-ins.

Adobe reader logo